Future/Current Exhibitions:


Recent Exhibitions:

Four Seasons Hotel. London. 9th October 2019

House of Vans.  London 5th October 2019

Cass Fine Art. Islington, London. The Age of People Who Live With Their Heads in Boxes. April/May 2019.  Private View May 2nd 2019. 

Four Seasons Hotel. Park Lane London. April 16th 2019.

Affordable Art Fair. Battersea. London. March 7th to 10th. Pavot Gallery. 

Battle with the Boys in Blue. Rolls Royce Showroom, Ryebrook, Bristol.  September 2016 to 2018.

In the Sunshine we all Cast the Same Shadows. Room 45, 15 Great Pulteney Street, Bath, UK.

Wilks Restaurant. Bristol. September 2018 to January 2019

Four Seasons Hotel. Park Lane. Private Jet Event. 6th October 2018.

Parallax Art Fair. Chelsea. London July 2018.

Grid Art Fair. London.  April 2018.

Art Palm Beach. Steidel Fine Art. Palm Beach, Florida USA. Jan17th to Jan21st 2017. 

Miami Spectrum. Steidel Fine Art. December 6th to 10th 2017.

It's Art Call.   D Contemporary. Mayfair. London. 17th to 22nd August 2017. 

RWA Autumn Exhibition.  September to December 2017. Bristol UK

FLUX. Chelsea College of Art. 12th to 16th July 2017. 

Steidel Fine Art. Art Expo. Pier 94 New York USA. April 21st to 24th 2017.

Bond Dickinson and Creative Debuts. 4 More London Riverside, London SE1 2AU.  February 17th 2017 onwards. 

Bond Dickinson and Creative Debuts. Temple Quay, Bristol UK. February 9th 2017 to May 9th 2017.

Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery. Texas USA. April to September 2016. 

Card for the Bard. National Literacy trust. London. 22nd June 2016.

In the Wake of Terror. It's All 2 Much. Bristol. September 17th to October 17th 2016. 

Parallax Art Fair. London. October 21st to 23rd 2016.

Rotterdam International Art Fair. 9th to 10th September 2016. 

Urban Art. Nude.Tin Gallery. St Albans. 26th January to 8th February 2016. 

FLUX Exhibition. Royal College of Art. London 10th to 14th December 2015

Painting Out Loud. The Island. Bristol. 10th to 15th November 2015.

An Evening of Art. The Princes Trust. Bath Assembly Rooms. 8th October 2015.

Moniker Art Fair. The Old Truman Building. London. 15th to 18th October 2015.

Art Chess courtesy of Purling London. Harrods. UK. 15th March to the present. 

The South Galleries. Maidstone. UK. September 2014 onwards. 

SEE Art Fair. Royal Tunbridge Wells. 24th-28th June 2015.

Debut Contemporary. London. Spring/Summer 2015.

The Other Art Fair. Victoria House London. 23rd-26th April 2015.

The Year of the Bus. Transport for London. Auction 24th March 2015. 

Inspiring Art-The Princes Trust. Castle Fine Art. London. 22nd October 2014.

Books About Town. An auction of literary art pieces. South Bank Centre. London. October 7th 2014.

1984- Books About Town.  Wild in Art./The National Literacy Trust. Secret location in London. July to September 2014. 

Litteratti! A exhibition using receycled/reused materials. The Trinity Centre. Bristol. August 2014.

Obsession. Love, Ritual, Collection. The Embassy Tea Room. London. 24th to 29th June. 

The Other Art Fair. Ambika 3. Marylebone, London. PV 24h April until 27th April 2014. 

Scapes. View Gallery. Bristol. UK. 6th March to 27th April 2014

The Princes Trust-An Evening of Art. The Assembly Rooms. Bath. UK. December 5th 2013.

Altered States. View Gallery. Bristol. UK. PV 21st November 2013 to January 2014. 

Art and Chess. Boutique Chess pieces with Purling London at Debut Contemporary. 30th October 2013.

Gromit Unleased Auction. Cribbs Causeway. Bristol. October 3rd 2013. 

Gromit Unleashed Collection of Works. RWA-Bristol. UK 18th September-23rd September 2013.

Buy Art Fair represented by View Gallery. SpinningFields Manchester. 26th-29th September 2013.

Gromit Unleashed! Bristol. July 1st-September 7th 2013.

The Dining Rooms. Bristol. June 2013-August 2013.

First Wednesday. Debut Contemporary P.V. 5th June 2013.

Ka-Boom!  View Art Gallery.  Bristol.  PV January 24th 2013.

First Wednesday. Debut Contemporary. London. PV 6th Feb 2013.

Festive Fun. Debut Contemporary. London. December 5th 2012.

The Beginnings of Life. Debut Contemporary. London. 13th October 2012.

New Art Festival. The Museum of Russian Art. New Jersey. Sept-Oct 2012.

Great British Art and Design. Union. Grantham. Sept-Oct 2012

Dreweatts Urban and Contemporary Art Auction. July 2012.

Kinetics: A Celebration of the Art of Movement-The 2012 Olympic Games. The Glass Room. Colston Hall. Bristol. July 2012.

The Raconteurs Arena. View Gallery. Bristol. May 2012.

The Battle With The Boys In Blue. The Tobacco Factory. Bristol. Jan 2012.

Art London-in association with Arthur Ackermann Fine Art Dealers. Royal Chelsea Hospital. London. Oct 2011. 

Order and Chaos. The Alekano Club. London. Oct 2011.

The Bloomsbury Art Fair-in association with Arthur Ackermann Fine Art Dealers. Goodenough College. London. July 2011.

Avery’s Wine Cellars. Bristol. June 2011-present.

Bordeaux Quay. Bristol. 2010-2012

Art London-in association with Arthur Ackermann Fine Art Dealers. Royal Chelsea Hospital. London. October 2010.

Malvern Theatres. Malvern. Worcestershire. Sep/Oct 2010.

Naked Truths. View Gallery. Bristol. Aug/Sep 2010.

Op Art and its Influence. The Lloyd Gill Gallery. Weston-Super-Mare. June 2010.


Current Gallery Representation:

The Longest Stay. London

Steidel Fine Art. Texas and London.

View Gallery. Bristol


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