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Down with the Thugs


Oil on Canvas

60'' x 40'' x 1.5''


Framing and worldwide shipping available

Last year Thomas revisited the geometric subjects which inspired his early works. With a new appreciation of shape, colour and form he created a series of three paintings including Brawl. The image employs the medium of a street fight to tackle broader themes of social division and conflict; themes which have been gaining prevalence in UK and abroad. There is a growing divide between people, the have's and have not's, the socially, politically and economically included and the ostracised. In 'Brawl' this comes to a head. A frenzy of shape and colour representing limbs, faces, flying fists and boxing gloves whirl across the canvas, heads are jarred and jaws jolt back when the fists connect. It is a tumult of activity but seemingly devoid of resolution. In a violent, malfunctioning society how do we find resolution, understanding and peace?

Down with the Thugs