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Breaking Through


Oil on Canvas. 67'' x 50'' x 1''.



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The painting is a visceral symposium; an exploration into who I am as a painter within the wider context of society. When I created it the work seemed to explode onto the canvas as the boundary between my arm and my brain disappeared allowing the truest of artistic expression to flow though my veins, along the stem of my brush and seamlessly onto the canvas. There was an effortlessness to the process which is difficult to explain and virtually impossible to deliberately recreate. They are spontaneous moments which by necessity have to be embraced.

‘Breaking Through’ felt like the culmination of years of study, thought and practice; the volcanic eruption of shape, form and colour balance which I’d been striving for years. I was breaking through the surface of ancient waters to find that voice, my own voice which I had been striving for.

The faceless figures and the blindfolded characters are the representatives of my art I have been working on for years. The impossibility of being to express ones feelings without eyes, nose, mouth, ears or wrinkles. In this modern world of abstract people and secondary icons who best to tell the narrative than a person without a face? To the left, right and upper planes are ‘geometric limbs’ which counterbalance the milieu of form and abstract composition of colour while also grounding the composition and referring back to my earlier paintings.

In the open spaces of thick impasto paint the sun shines, throbbing down on the arid earth, seas swirl in areas of deep blue and teal, trees grow from the within the land, some abstract, Surreal like figures sit and watch proceedings unfold wondering if the canvas is finished and if so what they should do next.

Breaking Through