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Reclining Nudes


Oil on Canvas

70'' x 67'' x 1''


Framing and worldwide shipping available

The first in a series of three large scale nude paintings which were completed in 2018. The history of art is one of re-invention and re-interpretation of the past and in these three images I wanted to express my own sentiments on the nude figure. As a reflection of contemporary society, with its screens and shifting identities, I typically convey figures without faces or features and so in this painting I have reduced the characters to big hulks of abstract pink, red, brown and white flesh reclining on sofa's and a chaise longe. The rectangular shapes in the background hosting the figures can be seen as display cases-how we view and consume the human form while there remains an abstract yet art-deco like feel to the pace and sentiment of the painting.

Reclining Nudes