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When the World Went to War


Oil on Canvas

58'' x 44' x 1''


Framing and worldwide shipping available

The world teeters on the brink of social, political and economic collapse. The virtues of democracy and hard-fought for freedoms are being washed away by the deceptions of the wealthy Right as they seek to instil a way of life which keeps filing their pockets with money and mammon. Everywhere you look in the papers, on your phones, on the TV is a battle between hope and disaster; another conflict here, another story of injustice there, please donate to this cause and that. The world is at odds as the climate changes and humans in their vast, unsustainable numbers suck the life out of mother earth. There are echoes today of the 1920s and 1930s and the build up to WW2 but the context is different of course. This painting reflects the unspecified, surreal nature of the world we live in with references to Totalitarianism, terrorism, tyranny, stocks, shares, ghouls and ghosts.

When the World Went to War