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People Who Live With Their Heads In Boxes


Oil on Canvas

40'' x 30' x 1''


Framing and worldwide shipping available

The scene represents a barren, dimly lit prison cell with white walls and a single light bulb. In the foreground stands a figure with their hands bound behind their back and their head in a box. The box can be interpreted as a screen, a shield or a motif of entrapment. A white chair breaks the interlude between this character and the background plane. In the background a hooded figure-an every-person kneels underneath a Stars and Stripes guillotine. I have removed the Stars from the flag and reversed the stripes as a commentary on the bastardisation of traditional democratic values as society and politics shifts to the right of centre. To the side of this figure a butcher works at a slab of pink abstract flesh. We are all potential victims of those in the seats of power.

People Who Live With Their Heads In Boxes